The Internet Is Thirsty For This Lip-Licking Girl At A Baseball Game Thanks To Creepiest Camera Man Of All-Time

twice kpop moma sana mina baseball game camera

How do camera guys and gals capture those memorable moments at sporting events? Welp, if this video is any indication, they just set their sights on someone who stands out in the crowd and wait for the magic to happen… and wait and wait no matter how uncomfortable it makes everyone feel. In this case, the camera operator at a baseball game in Jamsil Stadium in South Korea sets up shop on Momo, Sana and Mina, three members of a K-Pop girl group called, “Twice”, who handsomely reward the effort.

According to the video’s description on YouTube, which I Google translated:

“(TWICE) members cheering in the stands [ Momo, Sanaa , Mina ] MOMO, SANA, MINA jikkaem Fancam ( Jamsil Baseball Stadium )”

If you have shame or feel awkward staring at three Korean girls for what seems like way too long, here’s the shorter animated gif version, which has many an Internet user tucking into their waistbands and excusing themselves to the bathroom…

From left to right, you have:

Momo, 19 years old, was born in Kyoto, Japan and is “the main dancer”.

Sana, 19 years old, was born in Osaka, Japan. She’s bringing back grey hair a la Storm from X-Men.

Mina, 19 years old, was born in San Antonio, Texas, and moved to Kobe, Japan, when she was a toddler.

The music video for their song “Like Ooh Aah” has 50+ million views on YouTube.

So, if you’re a UNC Tar Heels fan still smarting after that soul-crushing loss to Villanova in the National Championship, maybe the girls of Twice can suck what’s left of your soul through this camera guy’s lens. As one commenter on Reddit pointed out, maybe it should be Seoul-sucking?

Via Reddit