Something Called The ‘Underboob Pen Challenge’ Is The Hot New Craze Taking Over The Internet

We’ve seen a lot of silly, dumb, idiotic challenges spread across the Internet like wildfire over the years. (#KylieJennerChallenge anyone?) There’s usually no logical explanation for them and in the case of something called the “Underboob Pen Challenge” it too is pretty much pointless.

That is unless the whole idea is to somehow get women to post underboob pictures to Instagram. Which, since this craze is taking place in China, I am guessing is 99% of the reason for its existence.

According to the Irish Daily Star

GIRLS are being challenged to prove they are “true women” with a bizarre – and slightly pervy – new internet craze.

Young women are posting photos of an impressive range of objects nestled under their breasts on social media.

The idea seems to be “real women” are buxom and you need impressive cleavage to to hold the object in place.

But they are displaying some serious under boob in the process.

Hey Irish Star, underboob is one word. Get it right.

The Mirror had this to say about the phenomenon…

The trend is apparently all about proving you’re a ‘true woman’ (whatever that means) by posting a photograph of your breasts holding up a pen.

It’s a simple idea. Lift up your top, put a pen or pencil under your breast and if it is held in place, you’re a ‘true’ woman. Snap a selfie and post it on social media.

Some have even taken it a step further, experimenting with make-up brushes and bottles. It’s similar to the #holdacokewithyourboob challenge which saw hundreds of women tricked into posting topless snaps.

Pictures have already been shared millions of times across Chinese social media channels by users, often accompanied by the caption: “Pass the challenge to prove you’re a true woman.”

Here’s one example…

To quote our very own Rebecca Martinson when I showed her this new trend, “That’s fucking stupid.”

Indeed it is, Rebecca, indeed it is.

Like I said, you can check out even more of the pictures here, and I know you will.

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