Check Out The Audition Tape For The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show And Cry About How Your Girlfriend Isn’t This Hot

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the only time during the year that causes exactly 99.99999% of my female Facebook friends to post statuses along the lines of:

“Omg never eating again”
“Life isn’t fair”
“BRB gonna hit the gym for the rest of my life and never eat a cheeseburger again”

while I sit back and watch with my hand stuffed into a bag of Doritos because there are zero fucks given on my end. Not everyone is as secure in their gluttony as I am though, so sit back, whip out some lotion, make sure your tissue box is stocked and masturbate to how hot these chicks are while crying about how your girlfriend looks like a tub of mayonnaise compared to Adriana Lima.

[H/T Mirror]