Check Out The Audition Tape For The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show And Cry About How Your Girlfriend Isn’t This Hot

by 4 years ago


The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the only time during the year that causes exactly 99.99999% of my female Facebook friends to post statuses along the lines of:

“Omg never eating again”
“Life isn’t fair”
“BRB gonna hit the gym for the rest of my life and never eat a cheeseburger again”

while I sit back and watch with my hand stuffed into a bag of Doritos because there are zero fucks given on my end. Not everyone is as secure in their gluttony as I am though, so sit back, whip out some lotion, make sure your tissue box is stocked and masturbate to how hot these chicks are while crying about how your girlfriend looks like a tub of mayonnaise compared to Adriana Lima.

[H/T Mirror]

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