Here Are All The Sexy Rookies (And Their ‘Grams) Walking In This Year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

With Angels Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo on the shelf this year after having babies Victoria’s Secret has had to find some new models to walk in this year’s Fashion Show.

The show, taking place in Paris for the first time this year, will feature 16 rookies from across the globe when it airs on Monday, December 5 on CBS. 16 VERY GORGEOUS rookies.

Here’s how they broke the news on social media as well as one of their hottest shots on Instagram…

1. Bella Hadid, 20, California

2. Lameka Fox, 18, Washington, D.C.

3. Brooke Perry, 24, Montana

4. Keke Lindgard, 22, Hawaii

5. Georgia Fowler, 24, New Zeleand

6. Herieth Paul, 20, Tanzania

7. Xiao Wen Ju, 27, China

8. Megan Williams, 22, England

9. Alanna Arrington, 19, Iowa

10. Zuri Tibby, 21, Florida

11. Lais Olivera, 27, Brazil

12. Jourdana Phillips, Texas

13. Dilone, 21, New York

14. Luma Grothe, 22, Brazil

15. Maggie Laine, 19, Georgia

16. Grace Elizabeth, 19, Florida