Vida Guerra Rocking A Thong Bikini Is Almost More Than The Brain Can Handle

Vida Guerra is making quite the comeback here at age 42. For awhile there back in the 2000s you couldn’t go a day or two without seeing some sexy pics of Guerra making the rounds on the internet.

Girl was the undisputed queen of the booty game back in the day. Her only rival at the time might have been Jennifer Lopez, but even then it was Vida’s posterior that I remember the most.

Nowadays there’s booty everywhere you look. And after kind of disappearing a bit from the public eye for awhile Guerra is most definitely back in the booty game is she proved with some new snaps she shared of her bikini vacation in Aruba.

Yep, she has most definitely still got it.

Guerra also recently shared some shots by the awesome Nick Saglimbeni and while I am not 100% sure if they are new, they’re new to me and they…are…redonkulous.

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