Video Of Hot Model Walking Topless In Body Paint On Streets Of London Because It’s A ‘Social Experiment’ Or Something

A phenomenon on YouTube over the past few years has been the “social experiment.” Wikipedia defines a “social experiment” as “a research project conducted with human subjects in the real world.” But for the Daily Mail, their interpretation of social experiment means stripping a hot model, painting her nude boobies, and having her walk the streets of London. Not that I’m complaining.

The purpose of the Daily Mail’s “social experiment” was to ask the all-important question: “Will anyone notice her bare chest?” Yes? Does it really matter? Can’t we just see her delightful cans without pretending this is a “social experiment” to justify posting a video of a half-naked woman? Let’s be honest what this is – a sexy video, not a “social experiment.”

Body paint artist Sarah Ashleigh spent two hours painting the ta-tas of gorgeous model Kelly Klein. Then they had the topless beauty walk the streets of Kensington, London. Here are the critical findings from Daily Mail’s “social experiment:”

In less than ten minutes, at least 19 strangers were caught sneaking a peek at her uncovered bust as she swaggered down the street.

WHAAAAAT!!! People looked at a beautiful topless woman walking the streets in the cold of winter? Well color me surprised!

The captivating model braved the chilly weather, and for that we thank her.

Here’s a “social experiment,” how many fap sessions will these photos of the dazzling Kelly Klein inspire?