I’m Sure This Tantalizing Video Of Ravishing Rachel Cook Licking A Cream Pie Totally Isn’t A Metaphor For Something Else

Could this scintillating video of a gorgeous model licking a cream pie be an allegory for something much, much more provocative? Hey, maybe this is a video of a beautiful young woman eating a pie and that is all it is with no hidden meaning or symbolism. But for those with the dirty minds, we shall revel in our perverse thinking.

The mesmerizing Rachel Cook can not contain herself around this cream pie and dives in head first into the whipped dessert. Fuck your Instagram pics of your dinner at some shitty restaurant you’re only at because they offered a Groupon for half off. This is the type of food porn I’m talking about.

Of course this isn’t the first erotic food video from Chris Applebaum. You may have remember his tantalizing Thanksgiving-themed video featuring the spectacular Costa Rican model Juliana Herz devouring a turkey.