Sex Video Of Soccer Player Neymar’s Ex-Girlfriend Bruna Marquezine Leaks Online

Brazilian soccer player Neymar used to date stunning model and actress Bruna Marquezine between 2012-2014. The two have rekindled their old flames because they reunited at the Olympics in Brazil in late August.

We don’t know for sure if they are back together, but we do know that the gorgeous model is getting action with or without the forward for the FC Barcelona forward.

Bruna stars on the popular Brazilian soap opera called “Nada Será Como Antes” – “Nothing will Be As Before.” In the risque telenovela, Bruna plays the owner of a club who maintains two relationships – one heterosexual and the other lesbian. One episode of the show featured Bruna getting quite cozy with a co-star. The sex scene was filmed for the show, but it was later decided not to be used, possibly for the graphic sexual content. The clip was leaked online. Globo, the company who owns the rights to the show, are reportedly fuming at the leak and are searching for how the clip got out onto social media. You can see the NSFW softcore porn clip here.

Here’s more of the beautiful Bruna, but not quite as much as the explicit video.