Dude Finds His Grandpa’s WWII Pinup Girls Book And GOOD GOD Was Smut Lame Back Then

The writers of South Park captured the Internet’s zeitgeist well a few years ago in ‘No More Blue Balls’, the episode when everyone ran out of Internet. Randy was accustomed to being able to find any type of smut his mind could conceive of with nothing more than the brush of a few keystrokes.

There’s also ‘Rule 34’, that old Internet maxim that states there is corresponding adult content for every conceivable subject on the planet. Kim Jong-Un vs. Donald Trump in an all out nuclear war? I’m sure there’s a porn for that. Salmon spawning up an Alaskan stream to lay eggs? You bet your ass there’s some weird salmon porno out there if you look hard enough.

We live in an era where all of the porn ever created is accessible through Google, which is why I find it so jarring to see how shitty the smut was back in World War II. This bro found his grandpa’s pin-up girls collection from WWII and shared images of the pages on Imgur. I cannot believe this is the shit that used to pass for adult content when you’ve got ‘Instagram Famous’ girls basically plastering their chocolate starfishes on the Internet every day for likes.

Keep in mind, men your age used to pay good money for shit like this before Playboy came into existence and changed the game forever (via Imgur):

I think now would be a great time to thank your lucky stars and stripes that you live in the era of glorious internet porn. We have pretty strict limits on the amount of skin we’re able to share here on BroBible but even we’re allowed to share content that puts this cartoon shit to shame.

That said, I did find this collection of pinup girls on Imgur quite fascinating.

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