Why Jennifer Lawrence Is Every Dude’s Dream Girl


Jennifer Lawrence rules. She takes shots of bourbon on the red carpet of her movie premieres. She gets drunk to do sex scenes. She pranks people. She stuffs marshmallows in her mouth. She is perfect.

Back in 2010, when BroBible was just starting off, I whiffed on an opportunity to interview J-Law before her critically-acclaimed movie Winter’s Bone came out. That was the June “Bros Icing Bros” was all the rage and, as I recall, my buddy iced me and we went to the bar or something (fortunately, I didn’t commit to the interview beforehand, so whatever). But I’ll never have a bigger regret as a online blogger/content person. I could have hung with J-Law. But I didn’t.

Her career exploded a couple months later.

I’m an idiot. But still, props to J-Law for being the coolest of the cool in Tinseltown.

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