You Have to Play with Yourself on Camera to Make This Week’s Hottie Index

Aubrey Plaza

We’re definitely not going to bury the lead this week. Aubrey Plaza has been everywhere! Naturally it’s because she’s doing a media tour for “The To-Do List,” a movie in which Plaza’s character wants to get banged out by the dude who played Jason Street from Friday Night Lights before she starts college. But there are media tours and then there’s what Plaza did this week. She talked about her perfect threesome and she talked about actually masturbating on camera. (Yes you read that right. I say actually masturbating.) Watching that second clip actually made me laugh out loud. She conveniently also had a GQ photo shoot drop. This might be the biggest week of her career, so she might as well lead off our list as well.

Kimora Lee Simmons

You probably know Simmons from when she was the wife of Russell Simmons, the great mogul of Def Jam, and her role in Baby Phat. She’s since moved on to Djimon Hounsou, but she’s not on our list this week because she was caught looking for Blood Diamonds. The only diamonds anyone found were the perky nipples on Simmons’ chest as she casually strolled around a boat topless off St. Tropez. Life is so much wonderful when you have yachts. (Or so it seems because I obviously can’t relate.)

Brie Bella

The WWE has always been a hot bed (pun intended) for attractive females. Whether the girls were managers, wrestlers, or just owner’s daughters, the WWE delivers. Those who follow the entertainment profession still know who the Bella Twins are, but a good portion of America came to know one of the twins a little better this week. That’s because Brie had a slight wardrobe malfunction during Monday Night Raw causing her tit to just hang out of her top. It seems like she just had no idea it was out there. (Oh…you didn’t know?!?) It’s a good thing your ass didn’t call somebody to tell them.

Arianne Curry

Comic Con is definitely a thing. It’s mostly a thing for sci-fi and comic book nerds, but it’s definitely a thing. It definitely has it’s redeeming qualities like unveilings of new comic-book movies that we all enjoy. And then there’s Arianne Curry dressed in costumes. That’s quite the redeeming quality as well. She never holds back. She always pulls out plenty of good ones, but my personal favorite might be when she dressed up as Mileena from Mortal Kombat. The Princess Leia one isn’t bad either.

Perrey Reeves

There’s been a lot of talk about the “Entourage” movie in recent time. It would probably be a bigger deal if the show didn’t go from great to mediocre midway through its run. One thing that was never mediocre was Reeves, who play Ari Gold’s wife Melissa on the show. One has to applaud a woman in her bordering 40 who’s still willing to throw on a thong that exposes both her ass cheeks in full force. She’s obviously very comfortable with her body, which is why she didn’t flinch when some folks decided to take pictures of her in a bikini by the pool. Maybe she’ll even go all the way for the movie.

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