10 absurd questions teams have asked NFL prospects at the Combine

by 5 years ago

Our colleague Brett Smiley over at SI’s Extra Mustard put together a list of the most outrageous questions teams have asked players at the NFL Combine. Above, we see UCF quarterback Blake Bortles recounting how teams asked if his quasi famous girlfriend, Lindsey Duke, would come to dinner with them. Here’s just a sampling of the questions, you’ll have to head on over to Extra Mustard for the FULL POST HERE.


Question from the Cleveland Browns:

“How many different things can you think of that you can do with a paper clip?”

Who the hell knows? Is there a right answer to this question? I’d say no less than 3,000.


Question: What animal would you describe yourself as?

Alabama wide receiver Kevin Norwood gave the answer of:

“I never even thought about it before. I sat there for at least two minutes thinking like, ‘OK, I’m dependable. I’m a silent killer.’ So the closest thing I thought of was a snake, a python. Nobody hears it coming but when it comes it’s going to kill you.”

Click HERE to see the rest of the absurd questions on SI’s Extra Mustard.

Featured image: Instagram/linds_duke

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