10 greatest comedy shows of all time

Banksy | ShapeAspect

Comedies come and go as people’s TV tastes change, but some shows hold a place in our hearts forever. Are these the 10 best TV comedies of all time? We’ll let you decide. The list was compiled by TV Guide Magazine’s senior critic, Matt Roush, so it’s not some schmuck like me who compiled the top ten.

1. I Love Lucy

2. All in the Family

3. Seinfeld

4. The Honeymooners

5. The Simpsons

6. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

7. M*A*S*H

8. The Cosby Show

9. Cheers

10. Saturday Night Live

Before you call it the biggest load of crap that’s ever been dropped, know that he’s talking about mainstream influential shows here. We love Aqua Teen Hunger Force, too, but it doesn’t belong in a list like this. We would be interested to hear what you think was left off though. I’d be willing to bet every single one of your favorite shows didn’t make the cut. Sound off below (me).