10 really nasty things I’ve seen at my gym sauna in 2014


There are people out there, mutants really, who think it’s ok to do gross shit in the sauna. Like really nasty stuff. The following are things I’ve seen at my gym sauna in 2014. I hate you all.

1) A guy clipping his toenails
2) A guy with a micropenis (it looked like an innie)
3) A guy brushing his teeth
4) A guy who sprayed some kind of Vicks VapoRub over the coals, thus causing everyone to leave the sauna
5) A guy with pierced nipples and a chain connecting them
6) A guy talking about getting a BJ in the bathroom of a bar
7) A guy talking about his wife’s farts
8) A guy, butt naked going spread eagle against the wall to stretch
9) A guy with warts all over his toes and not wearing sandals
10) An old guy singing showtunes

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