100 kilos of cocaine smuggled with bananas

100 kilos of cocaine were found in a banana shipment at a supermarket. I’ve think someone must have misheard when they were told to load the coke into the banana boat.

BSBI, 2009

BSBI, 2009

100 kilos of the substance was found by workers in the Danish supermarket Coop, when they received a delivery for the yellow fruit.

The bananas arrived already ripe? Sounds sketchy. Everyone knows bananas go from yellow to brown in a completely irrational amount of time, so you definitely want them to be green when they first arrive. That’s just poor store management.

The shipment originally came from Colombia, AFP reports.


Jens Juul Nielsen, a spokesman for Coop supermarkets, told the Jyllands-Posten that 80 kilos of cocaine had already been found the week before in Aarhus.

What?? Heads better be rolling down in Columbia. And I mean that literally. If you get 80+ kilos of cocaine confiscated two weeks in a row, you better believe your head is getting chopped off.

I don’t know a whole lot about drug trafficking, but I did work at a farmers market for 6 years. In that time I unloaded countless cases of bananas and not once did I find a gram of cocaine. I feel cheated. I could have made a killing on the streets of Flint with a 100 kilos of bananacaine.

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