$120,000 in stolen Hershey’s chocolate tops the list of 2013 food heists

The days of bank robbers like John Dillinger are a thing of the past. Stealing food is all the rage now. We took a look at 5 of the biggest and strangest food heists of 2013, and it did nothing if not make us hungry. From booze to chocolate, nothing was safe this year.

Frito a good home



Frito-Lay Chips and Dips – $2,000

Not all heists need detailed plans like the Italian Job. A delivery guy in Dallas left his truck running with the window open while making a delivery. When he came back out the truck was gone. I don’t want to say it serves him right, but that stoner probably needed the munchie relief more than the driver needed his job.

via NBC

Pappy Van Pilfer



Rare Pappy Van Winkle Whiskey – $26,000

Most people steal booze to get drunk, but someone was obviously looking to turn a profit after stealing 65 cases of Pappy Van Winkle. Unlike most thieves who have to sell at a discount to unload product, Pappy can be sold online for at least triple the value. They don’t call it liquid gold without reason.

Wing Dings



Chicken Wings – $65,000

Everyone was panicking over a potential chicken wing shortage before the Super Bowl. Two guys wanted to be sure they weren’t victims of supply-and-demand based price increases so they stole 26,000 pounds of frozen wings. They were arrested so hopefully someone sent them a note in jail at least telling them how epic the party was.

Beef Thief



Beef – $100,000

Why by the milk if you can steal the cow for free? People think everyone in Canada is nice, but someone in Ontario decided it would be neighborly to steal a truck containing 40,000 pounds of beef. It was taken from a commercial truck yard, but mounted police didn’t know how the thieves got into the yard. My guess: catapult.

via CBC

Willy Wonka still at large



Hersey’s Chocolate – $120,000

Just think of all the S’mores Brownies that Bonny and Clyde could have made with $120,000 worth of Hersey’s bars! Of all the food products stolen this year, a truckload of chocolate products had the most value. It’s yet another case of a full trailer being driven out of a truck center, but police are checking the security cameras for any signs of Augustus Gloop or R.Kelly.

via CBSnews