What to watch this weekend: 2013 Miss Universe Pageant, MTV Europe Music Awards

by 6 years ago

College Football is very meh this weekend with the exception of LSU-Alabama. On Sunday, Iron Chef America debuts their Thanksgiving episode. Here’s what you need to watch this weekend.

MasterChef Junior @ 8pm Friday, FOX: I’m still really mad no one told me about this show.

Comedy Bang! Bang! @ 10pm Friday, IFC: Rashida Jones and Horatio Sanz are on tonight so, in theory, this should be good.

LSU-Alabama @ 8pm, CBS: The only game worth watching this week.

Miss Universe @ 8pm Saturday, NBC: Is this the pageant Donald Trump rigs? I always forget. Anyway, follow Guyism on Twitter for real-time updates and screencaps.

2013 MTV Europe Music Awards @ 7pm, MTV: There’s an international version of Miley Cyrus right? Right?

Once Upon a Time @ 8pm, ABC: I watched this show last week. I don’t get it. I don’t get it at all. I feel like I need to drop acid to fully comprehend all the magical stuff.

The Walking Dead @ 9pm, AMC: Here’s our recap of last week’s episode, “Indifference.”

Homeland @ 9pm, Showtime: Is Dana gone? Please say Dana’s gone. She’s the worst character in TV history.

Iron Chef America @ 9pm, Food Network: The Thanksgiving episode of Iron Chef qualifies as must-watch.

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