The New Supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2R Is Something Straight Out Of A Batman Movie


Kawasaki/YouTube Screenshot

Yesterday the first photos of the 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2R started surfacing and today they’ve released video footage. One thing is immediately clear: the 2015 supercharged Kawasaki Ninja H2R is no ordinary machine.

Kawasaki has basically changed the game with this new bike, their 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2R is clocking in at 300HP. Yup, THREE HUNDRED HORSE POWER. You read that correctly.

Here’s what Jalopnik’s Lanesplitter has to say on the new bike:

Seriously, there’s no way to overstate this kind of power. The closest thing on two wheels is BMW’s new S1000RR, which manages with a measly 199 hp. That makes the H2R the most powerful motorcycle ever produced.

The engine is a 998cc inline four with a centrifugal supercharger mounted on top. Kawasaki isn’t giving up any engineering details, but it’s enlisted the company’s entire empire – from its turbine division to its aerospace company – to make this thing happen. We’ve even seen some patents that indicate that the supercharger could even have its own two-speed transmission to make it, y’know, actually rideable.

For some HD-res photos of the bike you can head on over to Lane Splitter by clicking HERE.

So basically they’ve brought a concept bike to production for the first time ever and now nobody knows what in the hell do to with it, other than Batman, but we all know that Ben Affleck as Batman would be far too big of a pussy to ride something this incredible. And since we’re now past the Christian Bale-Batman era we’ll never see this thing on the big screen.

The beautiful thing about this bike is how quickly it made me long for the Kawasaki Ninja’s of my childhood in the 80s when they used to dominate every kung-fu/martial arts movie made. They were iconic and no director would dare leave them out of a solid martial arts film, and now it’s back!

Here are a few image stills from the YouTube announcement video:


Kawasaki/YouTube Screenshot


Kawasaki/YouTube Screenshot


Kawasaki/YouTube Screenshot


Kawasaki/YouTube Screenshot

And last but not least, a little GIF action. Because you know I can’t go an entire post these days without including a GIF:



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