4.5 centimeter penis: Justin Bieber or Just a Beaver?

You aren’t the only one cracking jokes at Justin Bieber’s expense. Sweat the Small Stuff, a game show on BBC Three, called the boy’s manhood into question. Owner of the best name ever, Melvin O’Doom, took one for the team and gave the answer we all wanted to hear.

Host Nick Grimshaw asked, which has a 4.5 centimeter penis, Justin Bieber or just a beaver? The points made by the panelists were spot on, but I appreciate O’Doom’s willingness to sacrifice for the greater good. The obvious joke here would be to say that Justin Bieber is a woman and therefore doesn’t have a penis. We don’t take cheap shots at children wearing drop crotch pants and spiky hats though. Our mother told us, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, link to someone else who does.”