44-pound baby told to lose weight which sounds like solid advice

via Fox10 TV


An 8-month old baby, tipping the scales at 44 pounds, was instructed to lose weight by doctors because “folds of fat were impeding his ability to move.”

The child didn’t understand a word the doctors were saying, so they told his mom. She was worried too.

“I’m worried about his obesity,” the boy’s mother told RCN Television. “I don’t want him to continue like this so, God willing, the treatment they’re going to give him for his heart will work to reduce his weight.”

Doctors said medically the toddler is in good health but has been “overfed.” Eh, didn’t really need to be a doctor for that prognosis.

Doctors placed the toddler on a strict diet of juice and vegetables and have decreased his formula intake. He was also instructed to lay off the Big Macs.

44lb 8-month-old put on ‘strict diet’ [Fox 10]

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