8 little known facts about Derek Jeter

With 2014 being Derek Jeter’s final season, be prepared for a season long farewell tour that will make Mariano Rivera’s going away party look like a Magic: The Gathering convention. And on that note, here are 8 facts about Derek Jeter that you may not have known.

8. Jeter had his own brand of cereal called “Jeter’s Frosted Flakes Cereal.”

Released way back in 1999, the cereal was limited to a run of 250,000, with profits going to Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation. Because of the product’s scarcity, boxes of “Jeter’s Frosted Flakes” have become a collector’s item, with Amazon selling an autographed box for a mere $599.99.

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7. Chose to play shortstop because his father played the same position at Fisk University

Derek’s father, Sanderson Charles Jeter, along with being incredibly brilliant (a PhD in sociology), was also a pretty decent athlete. While attending Fisk University in Tennessee, the elder Jeter played shortstop for the school baseball team, which prompted Derek to choose the same position when he began playing the game. Well that, and I’m sure somewhere young Jeter heard that shortstops get all the babes.

6. He only struck out once during his senior season of high school baseball

At Kalamazoo Central High School Jeter starred on the diamond, and despite getting minimal pitches to hit, ended up batting .508, with 23 RBIs, 21 walks, 4 HRs, and one single solitary strikeout. No matter what level of ball you’re talking about, that is crazy impressive.

5. Predicted he would be playing SS for the Yankees while still in high school

When asked for his high school yearbook what he planned on doing in 10 years, Jeter answered “playing shortstop for the Yankees,” which obviously came true in spades. His answer was much better than Alex Rodriguez’s, who, when asked the same question, answered “narcissistically kissing myself in a mirror during a creepy photo shoot.”

4. Only player to go 5 for 5 on day of 3000th hit

Not only that, but Jeter was the second player in history to blast a home run for hit number 3000, with Wade Boggs being the first. Craig Biggio matched Jeter with five hits on the day of his 3000th hit, but did so in six at-bats.

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3. Played AAU hoops against future NBA stars

While playing AAU basketball for Kalamazoo, Jeter squared off against two future members of Michigan’s famed Fab Five, Jalen Rose and Chris Webber, both of whom would go on to have successful NBA and broadcasting careers. Jeter would go on to win 5 championships to their none, and bed a slew of gorgeous women. As always, Jeter just wins.

2. Initially balked at being named Yankees captain

The team had gone without a captain for eight years until owner George Steinbrenner tabbed Jeter as the Yankees field general, succeeding Don Mattingly who retired in 1995. But Mr. November didn’t really want the job, as he didn’t fancy himself much of a leader, instead choosing to focus on going out and playing hard every day, which is pretty well the epitome of leading by example. Steinbrenner won the argument in the end, and Jeter became the 14th captain in New York Yankees history.

1. Has a postseason .308 average, with a .321 World Series batting average

You don’t get the nickname “Captain Clutch” for regular season accomplishments. Jeter shines in the postseason, hitting a cool .308 in 158 games, and his .321 average in the World Series earned him the handle “Mr. November” a title bestowed upon him by none other than Reggie “Mr. October” Jackson.

Honorable Mention: Derek Jeter only dates the finest women

Most of you probably already know this, but the extent of Derek Sanderson Jeter’s dating resume is as impressive as his baseball acumen. From Scarlett Johannson, to Mariah Carey, to Minka Kelly, the Yankees shortstop is a first ballot Hall of Famer when it comes to bedding hot chicks. But just to make you feel even more depressed about your pathetic dating life, check out this handy graphic that showcases all of the famous hot chicks Jeter has bedded in his lifetime…

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Top photo: Derek Jeter image by Anthony Correia/Shutterstock