Aces vs Aces, the worst bad beat in WSOP history

Last night ESPN aired their $1 million buy-in tournament, during which Cary Katz put Connor Drinan all-in only to found out they both held pocket aces. Then things got weird.

After a four-bet pre-flop back and forth, Connon Drinan found himself all in with almost a virtual lock to split the pot. The poker gods however had other things in mind, and he lost his ONE MILLION DOLLAR buy-in in the most excruciating manner possible. Here’s the footage:

Deep breaths…. Busting out of a $1M buy-in tourney on a bad beat, when you were a virtual lock to split the pot, and held the strongest pre-flop hand in the deck. Actually, f*ck deep breaths. You should probably quit poker forever because you’ll never be able to get this one out of your mind.