Adam Pally talks ‘Game of Bros’ and pizza containing zero calories

Adam Pally is everyone’s best friend.

On TV, Adam plays guys everyone wants to hang with — whether it was Max Blum on Happy Endings or Dr. Peter Prentice on The Mindy Project — Pally is the go-to guy for “the typical bro.” So it makes complete sense that Adam, also a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade, would spearhead the Game of Bros — a competition of guys from eight different fraternities competing for the bragging rights to be “the bro’est of bros.”

Adam took some time out of commuting from east to west coast to discuss his TV personas of being a dude among dudes, play F, Marry, Kill with his TV characters and brag about his ability to power through numerous pizzas in one sitting.

To this day, people are still pissed that ‘Happy Endings’ got cancelled. What do you say to those fans?

I say “thank you very much” but what I get the most about Happy Endings is people ask if it’s still on the air. So I’ve got to cancel it for those people all over again. I did one time tell this person it’s only available on phones. I like to imagine that person is still searching his phone for it.

According to an online article, there are ’27 reasons Adam Pally would make the best best friend ever.’ Is that true?

My mother-in-law sent me that article. It’s the most proud she’s ever been of me.

The article makes points based on your characters from ‘Happy Endings’ and ‘The Mindy Project.’ So who would make the best best friend – Max, Peter or the real Adam Pally?

Definitely not Max. One hundred percent not Max. And probably not Peter. Probably me. I think the two characters I played on national television are, what’s the word, very terrible people. So I think I’d make the best best friend. Although Peter Prentice would make a pretty fun hang.

What about an F, Marry, Kill? Max, Peter and Adam Pally.

You’d F Max, marry Adam and kill Peter. But make the murder look like an accident. Push him off a party boat or something.

You mentioned you were traveling and searching for a place to eat in the airport. What’s your “drug of choice” when it comes to food?

Pizza. I have a severe problem with pizza. I’ll feel the physical sensation of being full but that won’t stop me from eating more pizza. My record for the most pizza in one sitting is one and half pies, by myself, just Joey Chesnut-style.

We’re both from New Jersey so I see the pizza issue. I’ve got the same issue.

Pizza is like water to me. There is nothing bad about pizza. Besides the facts it’s bad for both your figure, heart and overall health.

I’m a pizza snob. Do you consider yourself a pizza snob?

A little. I live in Los Angeles now and have pretty much given up on finding good pizza out here. Once I get back to the East Coast I eat it for every meal.

In Los Angeles, if it’s bread with marinara sauce on it, it’s called pizza. They don’t even put cheese on it. It’s should be called “kind of a pizza.” And don’t give me any of this flat bread garbage. You better just get out of my face with that flat bread.

Game of Bros — how did you get involved?

Norelco came to with an idea for a short video series about the Philips Norelco Click & Style. I use it often because when you’re a hairy dude, like myself, there are several ways to groom my scruff. So Game of Bros is a comedic look at all the ways to use this razor.  I think it’s kind of cool to learn about a product while getting a laugh.

I like to not shave ever. But at least this razor makes it easier. I do tend to go with a bigger beard in the winter since I’m a little fatter than most dudes. It hides my face. My chin is where I gain the most weight.

Do you plan on giving up pizza and losing weight or shaving?

Shaving because I give losing weight very little effort.

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