American flag tequila bottle celebrates soccer


For the second straight year, El Jimador has made commemorative tequila bottles featuring the flags of the US, Mexico, and MLS. I’m not talking about a flag in a corner though, I’m talking about the whole label.

Soccer is still somewhere down around Olympic Bedazzling in term of US fanmanship, but it’s growing. The USWNT is always popular. The USMNT is now consistently competitive and features many players who kick balls in Europe. Even the MLS is starting to crank out national stars, albeit often times for other countries. The fact is, the sport is finally starting to gain a foothold. So how do we celebrate the rise of US soccer? With Mexican tequila!

Meant to emulate the movement of flags swaying and capture the passion of soccer fans during matches, the bottles feature a stylized soccer theme that weaves soccer ball motifs, the team colors and the brand’s iconic graphic designs of agave plants in the background.

I didn’t notice these limited edition bottles last year, but they are definitely going on my shelf this time around. el Jimador is 100% agave tequila, and while we’ve all had a bad tequila experience in the past, this is good stuff. The spirit is a bargain for under $20, and factoring in patriotism, it’s a must-buy. It’s available in blanco, reposado and añejo, and as of now I already have a bottle of USA blanco. What can I say, I’m a fan.

Colin Joliat