Amstel Pause gives beer for standing still for 3 minutes

by 7 years ago

Can you do absolutely nothing for three minutes? Well then you deserve a beer. All you have to do is track down their Amstel Pause vending machine and collect your free beer. You don’t mind swinging over to Bulgeria for a quick drink, do you?

This is very different from the way in which Cerveza Salta gave away beer. You had to tackle their Rugbeer vending machine. Both serve as a way to relieve stress though. Unfortunately we all know people for whom doing nothing for three minutes would be more stressful, and those are the people who need a beer those most.

According to PSFK, “an average of 84 people took part each day with a total of 1,344 beers dispensed, resulting in 4,032 minutes (more than 67 hours) of rest.” I’m shocked it was only 84 people a day, but then I think about how many vending machines I walk buy without giving them a second thought, and it all makes sense.

Very restful tip of the mug to Geekologie

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