Andy Roddick sues cancer charity after a bounced $100k appearance check

Andy Roddick is suing the Miracle Match foundation after they bounced two $50,000 checks for an appearance fee. Roddick participated in the event days after his retirement from professional tennis.

Roddick claims he agreed to play in the Foundation’s Miracle Match Tour show Monteville, Conn., on Sept. 14, 2012. For $100,000, he agreed to play an exhibition match and attend a meet-and-greet with sponsors in the evening.
Roddick claims the defendants agreed to not announce he would participate in the event until he was paid.

Andy Roddick sues charity


Moreover, Roddick claims the bounced check was the result of fraud and not simply an accident. Before you judge Roddick here for going after a cancer charity, there are some things you need to know.

-The group representing Miracle Match has already dissolved.
-In 2004, the charity provided a scarce $3,616 for sick kids despite $377,000 in liabilities.
-The IRS revoked their nonprofit status in 2010.
-Roddick will donate the lawsuit settlement to charities who were supposed to receive the money in the first place.

Kudos to Andy Roddick for not letting this slide, even in the face of some rather harsh and ignorant takes from members of mainstream media. There are far too many charities out there in name only, who use their non-profit status to pad their own wallets (see Kony 2012). Nice to see someone call them out for it.