Arcade fighting game pours beer for the winner

Beercades are becoming more popular, but no one saw The Last Barfighter, a beer dispensing arcade game, coming. Now you’ll never have to worry about hearing, “winner stays,” again because he’ll be too busy drinking his victory beer.

I played Jeopardy and Double Dare on an old Apple IIc when I was a kid, and I was always pissed that I couldn’t take my winnings home with me. McKinney ad agency has found a way to make tiny-Colin’s dream come true. The company encourage employees to spend 10% of their time on non-client projects, and this piece of beer slinging glory is the result. It was made for Big Boss Brewing Company, but hopefully they don’t keep the concept for themselves though. I’d love to see these pop up in bars across the country. Maybe they’ll even through in a Marvel cross-over.