Arrest warrant issued for Aaron Hernandez

Well, Aaron Hernandez is about to have his Ray Lewis moment. An arrest warrant has been issued for the Pats TE and he’ll likely be charged with obstruction of justice. The warrant appears related to Hernandez’s shady activity following Monday’s murder, which includes wiping his home surveillance system, getting the house cleaned and destroying his phone. Those aren’t the acts of an innocent man. Police have repeatedly said Hernandez and the murder victim had some kind of relationship but have not elaborated.

YouTube screenshot

YouTube screenshot

Yesterday, Hernandez went to the Pats facility to workout but was turned away by staff members who were instructed to do so by someone in the organization. Sounds like the Pats want to distance themselves from this mess.

We’ll see how this plays out today but given yesterday’s shenanigans, it’s possible we’ll have a white Bronco moment on our hands.

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