Art Lab: Learn about modern art, by doing

The Museum of Modern Art has, as its mission, teaching the rest of us slobs about the cutting edge of fine art. The problem is that learning about fine art is generally a pretentious and boring walk through a building that demands fifteen bucks to get inside.



So MoMA decided to actually address this, with an app called Art Lab.

Art Lab is intended for all ages, but it’s actually a useful educational tool for adults who don’t have an art history degree, and are perhaps hoping to impress somebody on a date.

Essentially the app, in addition to having detailed information about the MoMA’s collection, has a series of functions where you can learn by doing. The app explains the concept behind a famous work of art, and then you can screw around with it to figure out why it’s such a big deal.

It’s not going to make you the next Klimt, but it will help you figure out who Klimt actually is. And if you’ve had some of the dates we’ve had, that’s worth the three bucks right there.

Art Lab [iTunes]