Artist claims to love fishing—embarrassing pictures say otherwise

Here we see photos of a Chinese artist’s interview, in which he gushed about his love and passion for fishing. If you look closely at the photos, his statements don’t really check out.

So I don’t read Chinese, and am not able to translate this for you unfortunately. But the source (from Reddit) claims that this is a prominent Chinese artist talking in an interview about how he likes to fish.

The only problem? Well, that reel for one is upside down and completely unusable in the manner that it’s attached to the rod. Somehow these photos (and the actual photo shoot) not only made it past the artist who claims he’s a fishermen, but then past the photographer who’s supposed to have a discerning eye, then to the magazine/newspaper editor who should catch stuff like that…and then to print, for we ‘Muricans to find and make jokes about. Bravo!

Let’s take a closer look at the other two photos…



To check out more on the back story behind this you can head on over to r/fishing on Reddit (the best subreddit to ever exist in the history of subreddits).


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