Azunia Tequila’s girls, girls, girls

I have no idea if Azunia tequila is good, but I want to drink it. Add this to the early running for sexiest non-lingerie commercial of the year.

The standard booze commercial shows good looking people enjoying great parties. Rarely do you see something this wild though. It seems fitting for Azunia because tequila nights tend to be much crazier than the average night. Admittedly I don’t hang out with women as beautiful (except the one’s who are reading this) as the one’s in the ad nor do the parties I attend have such a perfect number of people. In fact, I can confidently say I’ve never been to an event even close this video. I think we all remember when Dave Chappelle showed us what clubs were really like without slow motion. That’s probably why I’ve watched it three times now. Can’t spill your drink in a fantasy!