Beam Brush is a digital toothbrush that rats you out to your dentist

We’re supposed to brush our teeth for two solid minutes. Most of us don’t do this, not least because, really, what difference is it going to make again?


Nonetheless, if you’re dedicated to oral hygiene, or just enjoy being shamed by inanimate objects, the Beam Brush is here for you.

The Beam Brush has a timer in it, and enough in the way of tech that if you are emotionally five, it’ll play a song for you while you brush.

But that’s not all. It also tracks time spent brushing, frequency, duration, and other data. And, with a press of the button, off to the dentist it goes! There are even rewards programs!

First of all, what grown adult signs up for a rewards program for dental hygiene? That’s kind of creepy.

Secondly, no adult should fear the dentist, really, but by the same token, he doesn’t really need details. He can figure out if you’re brushing by looking. That’s kind of his job.

Nonetheless, if you’d like one, it’ll be $50. Replaceable heads are $4.

Beam Brush [Beam Technologies]