This bear cub with his head stuck in a cookie jar is damn adorbs

by 5 years ago

bear stuck in cookies

A 28-pound bear cub stumbled upon a plastic jar full of cookies. The rest is super adorbs you guys.

The incident happened in Ringwood, New Jersey, a town nestled among forests, parkland and random tubs of cookies.

The 6-month old cub freaked out after getting its noggin wedged into the container but good guys to the rescue!

“Workers from the state Environmental Protection Department and other local agencies got the cub safely back down and cut the jar off its head — but not before taking a photo of its plight. The bear is reportedly recuperating from the ordeal, which left it dehydrated.”

So farking cute you guys! Know what would have been cuter? If the bear ripped someone’s face off. Because he can. He can you guys.


[via NPR]

Photo courtesy of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

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