Belkin Thunderstorm puts some serious speakers on your iPad

Let’s face it, the iPad is great in many ways, but in a few specific ways it’s terrible. Most notably, the speakers on the thing are crap. It’s not Apple’s fault, there’s just no way to abridge the laws of physics beyond a certain point.


So, if you want better speakers, you should probably shell out for the Thunderstorm.

Made by prolific accessory maker Belkin, the Thunderstorm supposed offers “a rich, powerful audio experience,” according to the press release.

There’s good reason to be skeptical of that: These aren’t exactly huge speakers you’re bolting to the back of your iPad, although it’s going to make it a much thicket tablet.

But the speakers are undeniably better. First of all, they’re stereo, secondly, they’re front-facing, and thirdly, it comes with a free app to tweak your settings to get the best sound.

It’s probably not going to be a symphony in a tablet, but if you use the iPad to watch movies, and really hate headphones for some reason, the Thunderstorm looks like a good bet for better audio.

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