10 funniest brewery ‘Under 21’ redirect pages



The idiots that be determined that people under 21 years old shouldn’t be allowed to look at brewery websites because they might get secondhand wasted. Many breweries just have a “tough shit” pop up or redirect to Google. But some take it upon themselves to ease the defeat with entertainment.

Solemn Oath loves spinning tacos.

Half Acre Beer helps channel your inner child.


18th Street Brewery is as amused by kids failing as you are.

Brooklyn Brewery prefers mustaches to beards.

Summit Brewing has a few alternative hobbies for you.


Black Acre Brewing creepy He-Man.

Three Floyds professional window cleaning service.


Sun King says lettuce entertain you.

Austin Beer Works are clearly cat lovers.

Short’s Brewing knows you’re probably still hungry.

Great Lakes Potato Chips