7 of the best beer destinations in America

Orin Zebest, Flickr

Wouldn’t it be awesome if beer wasn’t just a wonderful beverage, but also a place? Well thankfully, there are some locations that come pretty damn close. Here are some kick ass beer destinations in the USA. What’s your favorite beer mecca?

Photo credit: Orin Zebest, Flickr

7 Beer World

Beer World, Facebook

Beer World boasts 1,001 brews to choose, but that’s not all; beer lovers can try a rotating selection at self-serve sample taps, order kegs, stock up on all sorts of beer-themed gifts and even do their own mix ‘n match six pack from a huge selection of “loose” craft bottles.

Locations: New Windsor, New York and Catskill, New York

For more info: Beer World

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6 Anheuser-Busch Brewery

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In addition to a free Budweiser brewery tour, Anheuser-Busch locations offer a “Beer School” for $10 that allows you, in essence, to get drunk while you learn about “a variety of beer styles, ingredients, proper pouring techniques, and food-pairing suggestions.” Let the learning begin!

Locations: St. Louis, Missouri, Fairfield, California, Fort Collins, Colorado, Jacksonville, Florida, Merrimack, New Hampshire

For more info: Anheuser-Busch Brewery

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5 National Brewery Museum

National Brewery Museum, Facebook

The National Brewery Museum has a kick-ass collection of beer antiques, artifacts and collectibles in the form of cans, glasses, trays and more. Not satisfied? Bring your appetite, because they’ve also got a brewery restaurant that serves their very own “Good Old Potosi,” “Potosi Pure Malt Cave Ale” and Potosi root beer.

Location: Potosi, Wisconsin

For more info: National Brewery Museum

Photo credit: National Brewery Museum, Facebook

4 Museum of Beer and Brewing

Museum of Beer and Brewing, Facebook

With an edutainment-oriented take on the history of beer, beer advertising, brewing and more, the Museum of Beer and Brewing is for scholarly gentleman who want to understand the way beer has shaped brew-lover’s lives for many generations. Bring your thirst and your monocle, good sir.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

For more info: Museum of Beer and Brewing

Photo credit: Museum of Beer and Brewing, Facebook

3 Ommegang’s Brewery

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For craft beer lovers, Ommegang’s Brewery is the holiest of holy destinations for some seriously robust, historied and compelling Belgian-style brews and brewing techniques. Check out Belgium Comes to Cooperstown in August for a taste of local beers, bands like Wilco, and public debauchery.

Location: Cooperstown, New York

For more info: Ommegang’s Brewery

Photo credit: post406, Flickr

2 Sierra Nevada Brewery

Sierra Nevada Brewery, Facebook

This huge, ultra-modern brewery has hop fields, a hop-freezer, a brewhouse, an 800-room cellar and more. Their environmentally friendly, solar-powered facilities, wastewater treatment and other green initiatives give Sierra Nevada’s brews not only a delicious taste, but also a smaller carbon footprint than most. Go on a free tour (with tastings!), have a meal at their Taproom restaurant and then head to the Big Room (the brewery’s own music venue) for a full day of beer celebration.

Location: Chico, California

For more info: Sierra Nevada Brewery

Photo credit: Sierra Nevada Brewery, Facebook

1 Yard House

Yard House, Facebook

Yard House’s title may not make any sense, but by god their food and beer does! Their menu is brimming with dishes that beg for beer accompaniments. We’re talking pizza, burgers, street tacos, sandwiches, ribs, steaks, seafood and more while their beer menu is so extensive that it’s broken down into taste categories like “Dark – Roasted” and “Cider – Seasonals.” How extensive is it? Hundreds of beers with thousands of gallons available at a time. Bring a large group.

Locations: All over the U.S. including New York, Florida, Texas, California, Washington, North Carolina, Ohio, etc.

For more info: Yard House

Photo credit: Yard House, Facebook