World’s biggest a-hole ruins Fargo ending, is worst person ever

by 5 years ago

Listen, I know calling somebody the world’s biggest a-hole sounds like overkill, but this guy really, really is. He is the worst person ever. He ruined Fargo for me.

Fargo series finale

Because of prior obligations (drinking and doing moronic drunk things), I was unable to watch the Fargo series finale. I briefly tweeted about it this morning and in hindsight, that was a mistake. Publicizing it was akin to lighting a match under a troll’s ass.


Not long after that I received a direct tweet from a user named @SimDawwwggg, somebody I was not familiar with. Before I knew what was going on, it was too late. This guy had, in less than 140 characters, told me everything that happened in the finale. I immediately went to his Twitter account, mostly because I wanted to see what kind of tool shed would do such a thing and surprise, surprise, this guy was the most epic of trolls. He had one tweet to his credit. One damn tweet. One single tweet in the four years of his account. And it was to me. And it was to ruin a show.

Here is the tweet in question. I didn’t embed it on the page for obvious reasons.

Listen, I’m not going to get into a long-winded discussion about the evils of social media. We all know that there are shitheads out there. Shitheads who have no soul. Shitheads who use the medium as a way to do really bad things, like threaten people’s lives and/or issue murderous manifestos.

This guy isn’t there but man does he suck. He’s a sucky person. I hope he trips and falls into a wood chipper.

Photo via FX