Bill Romanowski had some interesting thoughts on sex during Super Bowl week

by 4 years ago


Professional crazy person Bill Romanowski shared his thoughts on sex during Super Bowl week because someone was dumb enough to ask Bill Romanowski about sex during Super Bowl week. Thanks for that mental image Jim Rome.

“The big joke every Thursday was ‘green light-red light,'” Romanowski said. “You just don’t know how much fun we had as a group of grown men when Bill Walsh talked about red light or green light. Green light – it was go time for sex. Red light – it was off.

“If we were playing the Giants, it was red light. We knew we had to be on. We had to be mean and nasty, with a lot of build-up.”

Somewhere deep in the heart of Amsterdam’s red-light district, a man stands fully erect, confused by these new sex rules.

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