Black Guy fails the Ghost Chili Beer Challenge

Drinking 5 beers in 5 minutes shouldn’t be that tough, but it gets interesting when they’re brewed with 6 different types of chilies. The chugging isn’t very exciting; it’s the aftermath that’s a real joy in this video. NSFW language ensues. “I’m about to get so crunk I might f*@k someone’s grandma.”

The first time I spotted BlumGum was the Centurion Challenge, which is just a fancy name for Century Club. It was the random banter that I loved in that video, and it’s good to see that hasn’t changed. If you don’t remember those 100 shots, definitely go watch it now.

If someone wants to send me a six pack of Ghost Face Killah from Twisted Pine, I’m happy to take him up on his challenge. Unfortunately they don’t sell it by me. I definitely can’t out-entertain Black Guy, but I might be able to out-drink him.

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