Another bouncy house flew away and yeah, this appears to be an epidemic

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It’s tough being a parent in 2014. You want your kids to have fun but at the same time, you don’t want to be one of those overprotective douchebags that shelter them from…OH MY GOD, THE BOUNCY HOUSE IS FLYING AWAY.

bouncy house flies away

Yes, it happened again. A gust of wind got hold of a bouncy house in Colorado. Two kids were injured in the ordeal—one was trapped inside as the house flew 300 feet across a field. A woman named Aleah Horstman caught the whole thing on video.

The good news is that the kids will be ok. No serious injuries.
The bad news is that bouncy houses have literally become the most terrifying thing ever.

Just last month, three kids in Glens Falls, New York were injured after their bouncy house flew some 50 feet in the air. One boy fell on a parked car as a result. In both instances, the bouncy house was reportedly secured to the ground with stakes.

In this most recent incident, a representative from Airbound said that “safety precautions were taken.” Um, listen man, I’m not an engineer or a scientist and I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn last night but you should probably revisit some of those safety precautions.

And, call me crazy here, but if you secured the rope to something heavy, like, I don’t know, a car, this would NEVER happen. But again, I’m just a guy who writes on the internet. They’re the “experts.”

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