Brad Pitt tosses Matthew McConaughey a beer from balcony to balcony



Matthew McConaughey isn’t the neighbor that asks to borrow a cup of sugar. He’s the guy who wants to bum a beer. Luckily his neighbor is Brad Pitt, who was happy to toss him one from balcony to balcony over a crowded street in New Orleans.

It’s clear that Pitt balked at the football toss because it would be ridiculously embarrassing when he dropped it like Clifford Franklin. He’s willing to throw McConaughey a beer though because then the onus is on Rust to make the grab. Luckily Wooderson ran plenty of out routes on the high school football field so he has no problem catching the airborne alcohol.

Copyright violations are stealing all the fun, but this video might remain because they mirrored it and cut out all the watermarks.

Worst case scenario, here’s one from someone who doesn’t give a shit about The Pecker.