BrewDog introduces Fake Lager by blowing up fake lagers

BrewDog first created Fake Lager as an April Fools joke. Now it’s a real beer. Don’t confuse it with your everyday Budweiser though. It’s not that kind of fake lager.

For years we’ve been suffering that maddening delusion that a man can find something real in this world. Where’s it at these days? Where indeed. Fake Art, fake brands, fake breasts, and fake lager. There is nothing so mind numbing as ordering a drink and coming face to face with the certainty that it is a complete and utter fraud. A charlatan, faux, not real. The ugly fallout from the Lager Dream. Time to wake up and smell the hops, to rip up the rule book and stick a jackhammer in convention.

We don’t do second rate, almost or maybe. It’s the real deal or nothing. Via con dios fake lagers.

Fake Lager is our attempt to reclaim one of the world’s great beer styles — the Bohemian Pilsner.

We can only hope BrewDog expands their US distribution soon so we too can partake in Fake Lager.

Aside: The constant battle between craft brewers and big beer is becoming tiresome. The frequently unfair competitive practices make it an understandable war to wage, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t irritating. You don’t hear local bread makers constantly trashing Wonder Bread.