Bruins fan unforgivably catches a puck in his beer

Drink prices at NHL arenas are at an all time high, which makes spilling a full beer a real slash to the nuts. Would catching a puck make it worthwhile?

The answer is obviously no. Sure, I’d probably be willing to pay the $7.25 that a beer in Boston costs in exchange for a game used puck. Once a beer is in hand though, it’s value immediately goes up to at least $20. You’ve already gotten past the mental roadblock of overpaying for crappy beer, so there’s no turning back. There’s also the idea that you paid a fortune just to go to the game, and the last thing you want to do is spend more of your time standing in line. And finally, spilling a beer diminishes your status as a man. We don’t waste alcohol, damn it! The puck isn’t travelling that fast. Man up and catch i.

The real victim in this situation is the guy’s dad sitting behind him. It seems pretty obviously that the son was just asked if he could have a sip of that ice cold Coors Light and ended up wasting the entire thing. Those few singles left over from the strip club that he handed over surely aren’t enough to ease pop’s pain.