Burger King to sell ‘French Fry Burger’

by 6 years ago

On September 1st, Burger King will add the dumbest item in fast food history to the dollar menu, the French Fry Burger. I think the King might have gone off his meds.



The French Fry Burger is a basic burger with french fries on it. Oh, you already figured that out because you’ve been doing it for years? What if I told you that it’s only four french fries. That’s right. Four sticks of potato. Burger Kings fries aren’t even crispy enough to make them work for crunch appeal, so by only putting four on there they’ve effectively accomplished nothing. I know business isn’t booming at the BK Lounge, but they’re going to have to do better than that. Even the Rodeo Burger threw in some BBQ sauce to make things interesting.

It won’t fit on the dollar menu, but if Burger King really wants to make an awesome burger with fries, they’re should stick four Chicken Fries on top of a Whopper. Now that I would buy. They can even name it The Flint Skinny if they want, no royalties necessary.

via ABCNews

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