Butterball turkey ends sexism, hooray!


Cooking stereotypes are a strange collection of nonsense and sexism, but it’s finally all over thanks to a bold move by Butterball. They’re looking for a man to man their Butterball Turkey Talk-Line, and the rewards offered are awesome.

I’ve cooked my entire Thanksgiving feast for the past 8 years and never once called Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line (also via social media), but hundreds of thousands of people do every year. Until now, there has never been a male spokesman, but that ends this Thanksgiving with the “Butterball Man the Talk-Line Search.” It’s a nationwide contest to find a guy with the passion and know-how to represent for men everywhere. Let’s just hope he doesn’t screw it up. We all know men comprise most of the best chefs, but apparently the world thinks the rest of us are incapable of cooking anywhere other than the grill.


You can enter the contest, should you deem yourself to be worthy, by answering a few questions on Butterball’s Facebook page. It’s not all fun and games like Miss Coors Light posing for pictures and signing autographs though. You’ll be going to Butterball University, being interviewed, and manning the Turkey Talk-Line. That means you’ll have the power to ruin multiple families’ Thankgiving with bad advice.

So why would you want to do this? The winner gets free trip to Chicago plus spending money, a trip to NY or LA, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Oh, and the $4,000 check is nice too. Odds are that you’re woefully unqualified, but if you happen to be over 25 and awesome at cooking turkey, I’d recommending giving it a shot. I’m certainly applying.

Butterball on Facebook