Butthurt Russians are beating innocent Americans with hockey sticks

It appears that the Russians are still pretty butthurt over losing the Cold War, as their hockey playing women have resorted to beating our innocent Americans over the heads with hockey sticks.

When I saw this video titled ‘Russian breaks stick over American girls head’ my first thought was “why the hell haven’t we nuked them yet?” Then I got my mind right, and remembered that we whooped their ass in the Cold War, AND in the Miracle on Ice. It would only make sense that they’d continue to harbor butthurt feelings after the decades of ass-whoopings they’ve endured. Video:

SOURCE: Reddit

Damn, that crack, it’s haunting. Let’s watch that brutal attack repeatedly in GIF, shall we?

Sooooo, what’s stopping us from revenging this patriotic USA women’s hockey player and driving Russia right the f*ck out of Ukraine????? I DEMAND ANSWERS.

Meanwhile, this is my response when we actually WHOOP THEIR ASSES on the ice:


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