Caffeine withdrawal declared mental disorder



Caffeine withdrawal is now classified as a mental disorder, which means at some point you’ve been a loon. It’s good to know the desire to separate someone’s head from body after not getting my fix for a couple days is normal.

Most of us have gone through caffeine withdrawal at least once. Sometimes it’s lack of access to coffee for a few days, and other times we get the bright idea to give up drinking Coke. In either case, the results are rough. When I did my 3-day juice cleanse (for science), it took less than 36 hours for the headaches to kick in, and they never stopped. It also leads to extreme fatigue and a level of focus on par with a drunk child. I don’t imagine that’s heroine addict stuff, but it’s apparently enough to warrant official designation.

Caffeine is a drug, a mild stimulant, which is used by almost everybody on a daily basis, but it does have a letdown afterwards. If you drink a lot of coffee, at least two or three [236 ml] cups at a time, there will be a rebound or withdrawal effect.

We feel that there is enough data to support a caffeine-withdrawal syndrome. There are enough people who go into withdrawal — that if they don’t get caffeine, it becomes a real syndrome and can affect work, sleep, or whatever they need to do. So we’re suggesting that it ‘make the big leagues’ and become part of the DSM to make sure everyone is aware of it.

The solution is easy. NEVER STOP! Just keep mainlining coffee until the day you die. If you are going to be away from the ‘Bucks for a few days, be sure to pick up some energy gum. This is life and death we’re talking about here people. You don’t want a mental disorder, do you?

via Time