Town Named ‘Weed’ Goes Up In Smoke


Cass Anderson

A northern California town named ‘Weed’ has fell victim to a devastating fire. Over 100 homes have reportedly been destroyed, and every resident is now forced to live with the irony of their town named Weed going up in smoke.


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Let’s stop for a moment and just breathe in the fact that there’s a place in California that’s actually named Weed…and it’s not even the week capital of California. That distinction goes to Humboldt County, CA, a cool 4hr31min drive from Weed. But back to the irony at hand.

Can you imagine living in Weed and having to call your distant relatives over on the east coast and inform them that your house in Weed just went up in smoke? Can you?!?!

CBS San Francisco has details of the devastating fire:

WEED, Siskiyou County (CBS / AP) — A fire driven by fierce winds raced through a small town near the Oregon border on Monday, burning a church to the ground, damaging or destroying 100 homes and prompting evacuation orders for at least 1,500 people, authorities said.

This tiny town near the base of Mount Shasta in the Cascade Mountains was under siege from a 350-acre blaze that surged toward and through it through timberland.

The blaze erupted at around 1:30 p.m. south of Weed, a scenic town of nearly 3,000 located about 50 miles south of the Oregon border and about half way between San Francisco and Portland, Oregon.

For a while, authorities had to close Interstate 5, the main freeway between California and Oregon, in the area. The fire also knocked out power to most of the town, and people were left wandering the town center with flashlights Monday night.

Weed, historically a lumber town, was named after the founder of a mill, Abner Weed, who “discovered that the area’s strong winds were helpful in drying lumber,” according to the town’s website.

Alright, ENOUGH! I call bullshit on that last part! They did NOT name their town after some person with Weed in their name. It’s California dammit! The only reason anyone on the east coast ever pays attention to Cali is because they were to the first to relax on medical marijuana. Even Hollywood isn’t important anymore. Between Atlanta, NYC, and Toronto/Montreal Hollywood has lost its grip on shooting locations. WEED is the only reason California is relevant. That might be a hard pill for you west coasters to swallow, but it’s true.

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