Charge Card: The iPhone charger that fits in your wallet

One of the modern inconveniences we go through every day is being stuck without a charger. It happens all the time, especially with older phones, and it can be incredibly irritating. But the Charge Card can make sure that you’re never without a charger, albeit you might need to find a USB port.

Charge Card

Charge Card

The Charge Card is a charging cable designed to be flat: The USB jack folds out of one end of the card on a flexible ribbon, while the port your phone jacks into is built into the card body. Plug one end into a USB port, the other end into your phone, and you’re charging.

The form factor is particularly nice because it just stays in your wallet until you need it. The flipside of that is that there’s zero actual length on the cable for this thing: If you have to use it with a wall wart, you’ll be resting your phone on the floor, never the most ideal situation.

On the other hand, twenty-five bucks to never be without a charger is a fair price, and it sure beats the alternative. Currently there’s an iPhone 4 model shipping, with the Android version shipping soon and the iPhone 5 version shipping in May.

Charge Card [Official Site]