Check out the ‘Back to the Future’ cast after REALLY aging thirty years

Back to the Future

In the movie Back to the Future, Marty McFly jumps in the DeLorean and blasts thirty years into the past.

But before he leaves, the audience is introduced to the 1985 versions of his mom Lorraine, his dad George, and dad’s boyhood bully and current boss, Biff Tannen. So the actress and actors playing those roles — Leah Thompson, Tom Wilson and Crispin Glover — got the makeup treatment to look thirty years older.

Well, it’s now been thirty years since the movie hit theaters (crazy, right?), so let’s see how close the makeup people got in guessing what Leah, Tom and Crispin would look like in thirty years.

Back to the Future Cast Now

A couple things jump out — they were way off on Leah Thompson, she’s still totally bangable — but in fairness they were supposed to make her look like a hump. Crispin Glover just needs the glasses and he’s look the same. I’m not sure where Biff ends and Tom Wilson begins. Those two pictures look like a set of twins (minus the sweet Adidas jumpsuit).

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